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How To Auto-Post Between Facebook & Twitter

It?s been quite a while now since I published the original ?How to Connect Facebook to Twitter? post and it is still very popular. In the time since I first wrote the article however, both social networks have made changes to their design and navigation, so I decided I would revamp the guide with up to date instructions and screenshots.
So if you are here to discover how to connect Twitter to Facebook (or vice versa) to auto post between social networks then read on.
Whether you connect Twitter to post on Facebook or Facebook to post to Twitter is up to you, it really depends on which network you prefer to be on. Do not connect the same two accounts both ways though or it will result in a loop, with an update posted on Facebook going to Twitter, then Twitter bouncing back to Facebook and so on.
We will start with auto posting from Facebook to Twitter, scroll down if you would rather learn how to auto post tweets onto Facebook.
How To Connect Facebook To Auto Post To Twitter
OK, first thing you need to do is log into Facebook. Then enter this address into your internet browser (or click the link) ? The page should look like this?

You can send updates from a page you manage or your personal Facebook account. Click, ?Link to Twitter? next to your name or the page you want to connect to Twitter.
You will have to authorise Facebook to use your account. Make sure if you are already logged in to Twitter you are using the right account you want to connect to.
Once authorised, you can now get a bit specific with which type of updates you want to auto post.

Click ?Save Changes? and you are done. From now on your Facebook status updates will be auto-posted to your Twitter account.
How To Connect Twitter To Auto Post To Facebook
If you would rather use Twitter to Facebook auto-posting then this is how it?s done. Log in to Twitter and click the little cog to access your account settings.

When you get to your settings page, click on ?Profile? in the left side menu, then scroll down to beneath where your bio is?

You will see a button that says ?Connect to Facebook?, click it and a pop up window will appear asking for permissions.

Click OK to allow and then you should see that Twitter is now connected to Facebook.

If you see an error, try refreshing the page if you see that your account has been connected then you are done. From now on all of your tweets will be automatically posted to your Facebook page timeline.
This social media auto-post tutorial was brought to you by Free Tutorial Experts Anil Kandpal Digital Marketing Services. If you have any problems, questions or suggestions please leave a comment below this post and I will do my best to help.

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