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Fix a suspended account
Some types of account suspension can be resolved using the steps described in this article. However, there are certain actions that are serious enough to earn a permanent suspension. Learn more about suspended accounts.

Before you begin
Sign in to your Google Ads account and read the suspension notification to find out why your account was suspended. Refer to our advertising policies and the Google Ads Terms and Conditions for more information about the problem.
How to fix a suspended account
Depending on the reason your account was suspended, you'll need to take different steps to address the problem. Below are the most common ways to resolve a suspension. If you don't want to fix the suspension, you can cancel your account or request a refund. If you believe that your account was suspended in error, let us know.
Fix policy violations in your account
If your account was suspended for violating Google Ads policies, follow these steps:
Fix any disapproved ads and extensions in your account. If you don?t want to fix a disapproved ad, you can remove it.
Submit an appeal and explain the changes you made to fix the policy violations in your account. We will reinstate accounts only in compelling circumstances.
Note that some policy violations can result in a permanent suspension.
Make a payment
If your account is suspended for an unpaid balance or chargeback, follow these steps:
Pay your balance on main Billing page in your account.
Submit an appeal to let us know that you've paid.
If you pay for Google Ads directly through your bank account (also known as direct debit), you need to send us proof of payment for your last three payments. Proof could be a scanned copy of your bank statement or a screenshot of your online banking account showing your account balance, the payments made to Google, and the name on the bank account.
Reclaim your account
If we detect unauthorized access to an account, we will suspend the account to prevent unwanted charges. If your account is suspended for this reason, report the issue and we?ll help you regain control of your account.
How to cancel a suspended account
If you can?t resolve an account suspension, or if you don?t want to, you can cancel your account at any time. You'll still be able to sign in to a suspended or canceled account to review your campaigns, but your ads will not run.
How to request a refund
If you made manual payments and have credit remaining in your account, you can request a refund for those unused funds.

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