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Webmasters and website owners can avoid this cut-off problem by limiting page titles to 70
characters or less
At the same time, it doesn't mean that every single title should try to use the entire
space available--the title can be short as long as the it is descriptive and informative

Search engines like Google, will bold any matching keywords and phrases from a user's search query,
giving users greater visibility when making searches

Example of title tag highlighted within Google search results
The best way to create effective page titles starts with creating a list of relevant keywords for a page

Once keywords have been selected, webmasters should create a page title that reflects these keywords

Page titles should ideally be formatted in one of two ways:
? Primary keyword - Secondary Keyword | Brand Name
? Brand Name | Primary Keyword & Secondary Keyword
Note: It is not absolutely necessary to include a brand or company name in the title since they will take up
space; however, doing so is good for branding purposes

The more important a keyword is, the closer it should be placed to the beginning of the page title

Creating page titles that reflect the order of keywords on-page is also beneficial to search engine

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