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The best long-term solution to this problem is simply to create unique content for every web page which
might contain duplicate or lackluster information
By supplementing repeated information with sections of
unique text, like a thorough description, review, opinion, video, or brief editorial, webmasters can increase
their website's relevance to search engines

The canonical can be used to help avoid creating duplicate content by specifying the original publication
page of a piece of content
One specific use for the canonical tag would be on a page which lists
products, and that has sorting functions which produce different URLs depending on how the products
are being sorted
In this case, any variation in sorting from the default presentation can utilize a canonical
tag to indicate that the the original URL is the only one that should be indexed

For example, if a webpage is listing a variety of widgets, and has the
URL www
html, and offers a sorting link
html&sort=price)to allow for the widgets to be sorted based on price, then it
will become necessary to utilize the canonical tag on www
html&sort=price to
indicate that the original content is housed at www
html, and
that www
html&sort=price should not be indexed

The canonical tag on www
html&sort=price would look like this and be placed in the
of the document

Website Design, Development &
When developing a website's design and structure, there are several useful tools that allow more efficient
and effective traversing of the site
In order to allow your content to be properly indexed, we describe the
tools to consider
These include: responsive design, Flash, JavaScript (considering which is the best to
employ); why it is advisable to use CSS instead of Graphical Menus; why you want to use content
management systems (CMS); how to arrange content placement, and other important aspects of website
development and structure
Each section is broken down for your review

Responsive Design
Responsive design is an approach to website design that allows users to view all of the content on a
certain site, regardless of platform (agnostic)
Responsive web design, at its most basic, is a combination

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