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search engine rankings
It is important to consider how JavaScript is utilized in your content delivery
system to make sure that you are not leaving the indexing of important content to chance

CSS Instead of Graphical Menus
Images are powerful tools for making a visual impact; however, it is important to make sure that it is not at
the expense of the search engine friendliness of the website
So instead of using full image-based
menus, why not utilize cascading style sheets, to not only make your navigational menus visually
impressive, but also search engine friendly

CMS Selection
Using a content management system (CMS) can make the life of a site owner much easier, and, once set
up, require less support from a webmaster for maintenance and updates
However, picking the wrong
content management system, or setting it up in a manner not conducive to good search engine rankings,
can be detrimental to the website's ranking ability
So it is important to make sure to pick the right content
management system for your needs while keeping its search engine friendliness in the forefront of your
decision-making process
As a hint for anyone uncertain, there is almost never a good reason to not
pick WordPress as a content management platform, unless you would like to develop your custom
Making your own custom CMS can be costly, but will give you exactly what you need/want
without much (if any) bulky code

Content Placement
Search engines go through web page HTML from top to bottom and from left to right, so it is important to
give the crawlers as much content as close to the top of your HTML code as possible
This way, the
crawler does not have to wade through extraneous code to parse out the content which it is going to use
to determine what the page is about, which will ultimately impact the site's ability to rank well in the search
engine result pages

Website & Server Performance
Even though Google harps on about high quality content, there are other aspects of your website and
hosting environment which can contribute to the rankings of your website in search engines
Some of
what we will cover below is easy (but can be tricky) to implement, and other issues may require revisiting
the entire design and architecture of your website

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