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Load Time
Load time refers to the amount of time it takes for your server/webhost to serve a requested page from
your website by a user or search engine spider
Generally, the load time is in milliseconds; however, if
your server is not able to serve pages quickly enough it will cause problems, both with rankings and
bounce rate (people leaving a site after looking at only one page--in this case assuming they even wait
long enough for your page to load)
So it is important to test how quickly your hosting service is able to
serve up your web pages
Keep in mind that the problem may not be your host but the way your site is set
You can use a multitude of tools to check the speed with which the pages of your site load, or utilize
the Google Webmaster Tools to find out how quickly Google is able to load your website's pages
You will
find this information at Webmaster Tools > Crawl > Crawl Stats
You can also use Google's PageSpeed
Insights developer tool to pinpoint some of the issues which may be causing the slowness of your site


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