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Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a website traffic analytics tool which allows site owners to track and analyze traffic
and user behavior on their website
This is an essential part of understanding a site in relation to SEO, by
finding out what is working and what is not

Google Analytics (and other similar analytics tools) provide highly detailed information which includes
number of visitors, what people are doing on the site (e
, the pages which they visit, how long they stay
on the site, how they get to the site, etc
), giving webmasters the understanding and insight they need to
make effective decisions about how to improve their site, both for users and search engines
information can be found on the Intro to Google Analytics Help Page

Google Webmaster Tools
The Google Webmaster Tools provides site owners and marketing agencies with valuable and actionable
information to help improve the functionality of websites and at the same time improve the chances of
having improved organic search engine rankings
According to Google, the purpose of the Webmaster
Tool is to "help provide the data, tools, and diagnostics for a healthy, Google-friendly site
Bing Webmaster Tools
Bing Webmaster tools provides almost identical functionality as does Google Webmaster Tools

Miscellaneous SEO Issues &
There are several further aspects to consider when wondering about what might be hampering your
rankings on search engines, or about how to improve SEO
The age of the domain, the time when the
domain is renewed, even the domain length and structure all are taken into consideration by search
Though these aspects have only have a minimal effect on the ranking, they are important
recommendations to be aware of nonetheless

Age of Domain
This refers to the length of time that a domain has existed, by taking into consideration the age of a
website, and how long the domain has been registered and indexed by Google

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