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On some occasions I have seen mainstream media outlets quote blogs or contact
people who left comments on blogs. If you are actively engaged in the
conversation, you will gain authority much quicker than if you are not.
Many major search engines and blog software vendors came together to make a
link ?nofollow? attribute. The ?nofollow? tag allows people to leave static links in
the comments of blogs that search engines may not count for relevancy.
Essentially, the tag is designed to be used when allowing others to post unverified
links into your site. It is a way of saying, ?I did not provide an editorial vote for the
other page.?
You also can use it if you are linking out to shady stuff, but do not want to parse
any link credit to the destination URL.
Many webmasters are likely to be a bit sneaky and create fake blogs and then spam
their own blog with links off to high-margin website affiliate programs.
The ?nofollow? feature looks as follows:
Link Text
The rel="nofollow" tag may also make it easier for many webmasters to cheat
out reciprocal link partners. However, I am a big believer in karma, and doing
things like that will likely come back to hurt you.
Also think of the ?nofollow? tag as if you were a search engineer. If a site was full
of nothing but unverified links, would you trust that site as much as a site that had
some trusted editorial links to other sites? I wouldn?t.
Search engineers, such as Google?s Matt Cutts, are trying to push webmasters to
use ?nofollow? on ads sold on their sites. If you run a clean business there is little
risk to using nofollow, but if your site is a thin affiliate site I would not recommend
using ?nofollow.? Using it essentially tells search engines that you understand
SEO, and might make them more likely to take editorial action against you if they
think your site is spammy.
Chat, Google Groups & Forums
In forums, people asking and answering questions creates free content for the
person who owns the site. This automated content creation allows the forum
owner to sell advertising space against the work of others.
In exchange for the posts, many SEO forums allow signature links that point to
your website. Since forums change rapidly, they often get indexed frequently. Your
site will get indexed quickly if you ask a few questions at a few of the various SEO

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