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Of course, the goal of forums is to have meaningful conversations, but if you are
reading this e-book, odds are that you may still have some SEO questions.
Forum links are easy to get and forums have many links on the pages though, so
the links probably do not have a large effect on SEO. Forum sig links from
relevant. useful posts have far more direct value in driving sales and building
friendships than in effecting search results directly.
I have found that some search engines such as Yahoo! look at word patterns on
web pages to find what words relate to others. I have the username ?seobook? on
many forums. On many forums, there is a button to private message users next to
their username.

By helping others by participating in web communities, you become more
linkworthy and work your name and your brand into the language representative of
your topic. Plus, if you know what people in your community are talking about, it
is much easier to create things they would be interested in and market them to their
needs and wants.
General Directories
Directories Worth Getting Links In
The two most popular directories are DMOZ and the Yahoo! Directory. Just
about any quality search algorithm should trust and place weight on links from
those two sources.

The Open Directory Project
The Open Directory Project (DMOZ) is free, but sometimes it can take a while to
get listed. DMOZ editors work free of charge and are under no obligation to list
your website.
Ensure that you take the time to submit your site to the right category and follow
their directory guidelines. If your site is not in English, make sure you submit it to
the world category. Regional sites should be submitted to their respective regional

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