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With DMOZ, you do not need to keep resubmitting over and over. In the past,
they allowed webmasters to ask for status checks on submissions, but they
discontinued that in May 2005. If you do not get accepted, it is not worth losing
sleep over. Submit and forget it.
If you have general questions about DMOZ, you may want to ask at Resource
Become a DMOZ Editor
You may want to apply to become an editor if you really enjoy your category. You
should take your time when applying to become an editor. It is easier to become
an editor for a small, non-commercial category than a large, highly commercial one.
After you become an editor and do a good job, you can gain editing privileges over
other categories as well. Also, it is best if you do not disclose that you are
interested in SEO. They would prefer to hear you say you want to help organize
the web and make it a better place. Saying you are a hobbyist, enthusiast, academic,
or retired person is far better off than telling them you are the CEO of a company
in your field.
The Value of a DMOZ Listing
The Open Directory Project is syndicated by many other sites and inclusion into it
often provides your site with dozens of inbound links. Many people are quick to
state that the Open Directory is worthless or that it is super important.
The fact is, it is fairly important for some sites and fairly unimportant for others. It
really depends on how many other good places there are that may be willing to link
to your site and how creative you are in making things they would want to link at.
There are many variables that go into the value of a listing. I usually just submit
and forget about it. I do not find that it helps to be preoccupied with a DMOZ
listing. Many high ranking sites are listed in DMOZ and many high ranking sites
are not. Most of my original useful sites were accepted into DMOZ. Most of my
spam sites were not.
No ODP Meta Tag
It is easy to create a compelling meta description tag that emphasizes your brand
strengths, but if a website is listed in the Open Directory Project, search engines
may prefer to use your ODP listing information over your meta description or
page content when displaying your site in the search results. If you do not like the
ODP listing information, you can prevent search engines from displaying it when
your site appears in search results by using the following meta tag:

The Yahoo! Directory

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