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Your site will still list in Yahoo! powered search results even if you do not submit
your site to their directory, but their directory is well worth its cost for most
commercial sites. Yahoo! charges a $299 recurring annual fee for commercial sites
(double that for adult sites), which is a bit expensive for small-time webmasters, but
not a large fee if you are serious about making and marketing a quality website with
a legitimate business model.
A number of people I know have changed their credit card details and found that
their Yahoo! Directory listings still stayed even though they did not re-pay their
recurring annual review fee.
Unlike most directories, Yahoo! shifted their directory to list sites in order of
popularity, instead of alphabetically. They also paginate the results, so if your site is
new and there are 300 sites listed in your category, your site will not be appearing
on the first page of the category unless you also pay a monthly directory category
sponsorship fee, build significant link popularity from a variety of sources, or find a
more niche category to which you can submit.
Non-commercial sites can list in the Yahoo! Directory for free, and I can attest to
the fact that they have listed multiple sites I own for free. I have also submitted
dozens of paid listings and they have yet to reject any of them.
When a site gets submitted to the Yahoo! Directory, an editor checks the quality of
the site. Since Yahoo! controls their own directory, it would be logical for them to
place extra weighting on a Yahoo! Directory-listed site. Many top SEOs have told
me that they have seen significant increases in their Yahoo! Search rankings after
submitting a site to the Yahoo! Directory, and a Yahoo! Directory link seems to be
trusted fairly well in Google as well.
If you submit your site for free, make sure you submit to the most relevant
category. If you pay the Yahoo! Directory review fee, it might be worth it to try to
submit to a somewhat authoritative category. They may place your site in a
different category than that to which you have submitted, but it is worth a shot.
To give you an example, in the Yahoo! Search guidelines, they link to a SEO
resources category. Thus, I decided to submit my site to the authoritative SEO
resources category instead of submitting to the SEO services category. Why?
Because they link to the SEO resources category in their search guidelines, there
are fewer sites in that category, and the co-citation is associated with higher quality
Regional Yahoo! Directories
Yahoo! has depreciated the value of many of their own regional directories. They
still accept free submissions, but do not guarantee a review time.
Second Tier Directories
Although more expensive than many other second tier directories, BOTW is one
of the better general directories. Directories such as Gimpsy, GoGuides,

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