Fri Jan 18 07:03:10 PST 2019

RubberStamped, Uncover the Net, JoeAnt, and Skaffe all cost less than $50 each
for submission.
JoeAnt is free if you become an editor, and it only takes a couple minutes to sign
up. Gimpsy is free if you are willing to wait many months. Skaffe is free for
editors. GoGuides has a bulk submission discount program.
If you are going to list your sites in many directories, you may be able to save time
by using RoboForm to save some of your submission details, but make sure you
modify it to make your listings unique at each location.
Mix Things Up!
When links and citations occur naturally, there is no easily definable pattern. If
something is easy for a search engine to do and it will improve search quality, they
probably will do it. As a result, make sure you mix up your anchor text and your
site descriptions so that there is no easily identifiable unnatural pattern.
If you start directories yourself and you use common default directory software,
you may want to remove the common footprints the script leaves. If other sites
using this script are abusing it, you do not want to cause your site to be filtered as
well if a search engine decides to penalize sites that are using a commonly abused
Junk General Directories
On the web, links are a currency. The problem is, many webmasters want any link
they can get to improve their link popularity. Some webmasters take advantage of
this situation by creating low-quality, general web directories that will link to
anyone willing to give them some money.
This leads to a couple problems, both of which essentially boil down to an
unnatural linkage profile. If a directory is not useful to humans, then the inbound
links are likely going to lack linkage data from many trusted sites. To build up a
high PageRank, the directory will often build lots of links from many low-quality
Additionally, many of these directory owners are lazy and have no desire to create
any legitimate value. In not employing editors to add any useful sites, most of the
listed sites in the directories are of low quality.
TrustRank as an Equalizer
TrustRank is an algorithm that assigns trust scores to a seed set of around a few
hundred or so human-reviewed websites. From those sites, trust propagates
throughout the web. If most of a site?s inbound and outbound links are related to
sites with low trust scores, then that site might have a bad trust score. Good sites
will likely have a higher percentage of trusted links.

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