Fri Jan 18 08:03:10 PST 2019

TrustRank can re-rank the results to account for any improved rankings that would
have occurred due to link spamming. They may even impose a penalty greater
than the effective gain from the link spamming, which is why it is important to
make sure you build some quality links and do not just buy from any page selling
TrustRank also flags high PageRank sites with low trust scores for human reviews.
This allows them to assign bad trust scores to sites that are artificially manipulating
the search results.
The following is a graphic of the link profile of a typical money-hungry, low-quality
directory. The red X's represent things that should be there, but are not.

Many other low-quality sites exist on the web outside of the directory space, but
the business model of selling links to desperate webmasters has created a glut of
junk directories. This glut of directories and their link profiles makes the concept
of TrustRank easy to understand.
How do I Tell Which Directories are Good and Which are Bad?

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