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There are also many industry-specific directories you can find by searching for
terms such as ? + add URL,? ? + submit,? or
? + directory.? I usually try to find directories that have one-time
submission fees or directories that look as though they are going to be long-
standing, quality directories.
Tips to Pick Directory Categories
Oftentimes a site will fit many different categories. When choosing a category to
submit to in a directory, I look at a few different ideas.
? Is my site likely to be accepted if I submit to this category? I tend to
be more conservative when submitting to a free directory than if I am
submitting to a paid directory.
? Are there reasons that this organization, or other sites outside of this
organization, are going to place extra emphasis on (or otherwise link
into) this category?
? How many links are listed in this category?
? Where does this category fit in the directory structure?
? How related is my site to the sites listed in this category?
Reasons Why I Like Second Tier Directories (Great Value)
Since second tier directories are smaller, your link is usually closer to the root page,
and most pages have fewer outbound links than large directories. If the categories
in a large directory are full of hundreds of sites, or are many levels deep into the
directory structure, you may gain greater link popularity in a smaller directory than
in a larger one.
Keep in mind that the quality of the other sites listed in the directory matters too.
If they list many junk sites, then few quality resources are going to link to their site.
It is probably not a good idea to list your site in hundreds of directories if you have
not built up significant trust. Also remember that some links may count as a
negative, so try to be somewhat conservative with what you consider to be of good
quality if you are hoping to rank well in Google.
Directory Traffic
Directories rarely provide much direct traffic. The bulk of the value of a directory
listing is in how search engines evaluate the links. Occasionally, you will find a
general directory that does provide good traffic?that is the exception more than
the rule.
Niche directories tend to drive decent traffic. Any site that ranks well in related
search results may be a good place to get a link, because ranking for relevant search
queries means they stand a good chance of being a well-trusted link source and
sending you direct visitors.

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