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I think it is safe to say that when you look at directories such as Yahoo!, DMOZ,
Best of the Web, JoeAnt, and Gimpsy that they probably count as good links in all
the major search engines. Google still ranks many niche sites well, primarily based
on general directory links with few other citations.
The Active Web
Search beat out directories as a primary means of navigation due to scalability and
efficiency of the search business model. Directories are nowhere near as efficient
at monetizing traffic and generally are not as relevant as search engines.
In addition to search, there are also other forces killing the margins of directories:
? Social news sites. Bottoms-up news sites have virtually no cost and
can quickly build authority because the user becomes the editor, which
means the content is relevant to them and they have a vested interest
in marketing their own work.
? Social bookmarking sites. Similar to social news sites, but users tag
pages they find interesting. There might be some spam marketing
going on in both of these channels, but because we can connect to our
closest friends AND can leverage the user base of the community, we
get a fairly high signal to noise ratio.
? Bloggers. As more and more people maintain websites in active
channels that people are actively paying attention to (i.e., are regularly
reading), it will be easier for engines to determine what parts of the
web are important, and discount those that are not. Quality blogs also
help identify communities and place more context around most links
than most directories do.

A Yahoo! Directory link, listings in a few of the top general directories, and listings
in niche specific directories are still worthwhile because they help identify what
communities you belong to and are signs of editorial quality. But registering in
1,000 directories is not a long-term effective link-building solution. The role of
outlying directories on the web is being reduced as a whole due to so many more
people maintaining active websites.
If competing channels are actively participating in or are actively mentioned in the
active portions of the web then you are going to need to come up with creative
ways for your business to get exposure in those parts of the web as well if you want
to compete.
Interactive Elements
Google Toolbar (

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