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arbitrary unnecessary variables to your URLs and that you cannot
access the same page at multiple URL addresses.
? Error Codes. Make sure that when you go to a URL that does not
exist on your site that it sends a 404 error code. If you use any internal
redirects, use 301s instead of 302s if you want the pages to get indexed.
Links Within Your Content
Don?t rely exclusively on your site navigation to drive your internal linkage data.
People will be far more inclined to follow links in the content area of your site, thus
using one article to drive the linkage data for other articles allows you to help
control the visitor path through your site. It also allows you to mix up the anchor
text you are using to describe the pages on your site.
There are three big reasons as to why links in content are important:
? Self Selection. Users get to select which path they are interested in,
which allows you to split your content up and quickly guide them to
where they want to go.
? Active Engagement. When people click links, they are going from
readers of your site to people actively engaged in the content.
? Sense of Control. When we click a link we feel we are in control of
where we are going, that we made the choice to go to the next
location. Navigation and ads can feel like ads.

You may also want to create a new section that is used to point links at pages that
are new on your website. For example, many blogs or news sites feature their
newest content on their homepage.
Linking Out to Quality Sites
Many people are afraid to link out to related resources throughout their copy.
Many search engines grade pages not only based upon their copy and inbound
links, but also upon the pages that they link to. All of your outbound links should
not be link trades in one corner of your site. Try to naturally mix to quality sites in
your site architecture wherever it makes sense.
A few years ago, in a forum thread, Google?s Matt Cutts said:
Of course, folks never know when we're going to adjust our scoring. It's
pretty easy to spot domains that are hoarding PageRank; that can be just
another factor in scoring. If you work really hard to boost your authority-
like score while trying to minimize your hub-like score, that sets your site
apart from most domains. Just something to bear in mind.
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