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more exposure just before that shopping season, and less exposure when the offer
is less relevant.
If you know one section of your site is far more profitable than others then it
makes sense to link to that section of your site across your entire site. If you know
one section does not perform well it might make sense to demote that section?s roll
in your navigation, and re-evaluate it later.
Using Nofollow to Sculpt Internal Link Equity
Some links need to be seen by users to aid your site?s credibility. Users expect to
see a link to an about page, privacy policy page, customer support page, etc.
Sending a lot of link equity to these pages means that link equity is being wasted.
Instead of wating it, you can block the ability of these sitewide links to pass link
equity by using rel=nofollow in those links.
Nofollow can also be used on secondary navigation schemes that make no sense to
emphasise to search engines. Some content management systems have category
based archives AND date based archives. If you structure your categories well the
names of those categories should be well aligned with some of your target
keywords. The date based archives are not going to be optimized for search
though, so you could use rel=?nofollow? on links to date based archives.
If you block link equity from flowing into low value pages on your site, you are
causing a greater amount of link equity to flow into other important pages on your
If you have a thin affiliate site and you are pushing some boundaries you probably
do not want to be too aggressive with using nofollow, because use of this tag
basically lets search engineers know that you understand SEO. If what you were
doing was borderline spammy and they see you are using nofollow then they might
be more likely to edit your site.
Dynamic Navigation
Some sites use JavaScript and other client-side navigation. Search engines struggle
to follow things that happen on the client side (or in the browser). You can tell if a
site?s navigation is client-side by viewing the source or by turning off JavaScript and
active scripting and then reloading the document.
I generally recommend staying away from JavaScript and client-side navigation. If
you feel you must use it, make sure you add static text links to the bottom of your

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