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forget to use modifiers and related terms in some of your subheaders and
throughout the page copy.
The more your writing sounds like it was crafted for humans instead of bots,
generally the better it will rank. Search engines want to rank high-quality
information. Think news articles more than optimized pages. If your content
looks more like a newspaper article than a piece of obviously SEOed text, you are
on the right track.
Each search engine has its own algorithms, and they do not all align with one
another. Thus, the most effective way to improve your rankings on all search
engines will be via link building, but proper page structure and on-the-page
optimization play important roles in gaining targeted inbound traffic, especially for
non-competitive keyword phrases or in search engines that rely heavily on page
Text is Important
Almost every page is going to have navigation and design elements. It?s impossible
to have just usability or copywriting or SEO; you need them all. Building a page
and a site is a balancing act. For search engines, the portions of the page that
matter most, and that you have the most control over, are the text parts. Some
places try SEO so hard that the copy reads like rubbish. Obviously, that is no
good. Traffic means nothing if people do not convert.
Use Keywords in Headings
Use keywords in headings and subheadings throughout the page?this heading
should capture the person?s attention and tell them they are in the right place.
Think of these headings like you would a heading in a newspaper; a classic, straight
SEO approach might be

Optimize Web Pages - Learn SEO Copywriting

You may wish to use something with a call to action as well. That would appear
more like

Learn SEO Copywriting Techniques that Drive Killer
Converting Search Engine Traffic

Heading tags go from H1 to H6, with the biggest tags being the smallest number
(i.e., H1 renders the biggest font). You can change how the text appears with CSS.
I usually try to get some of my primary and secondary keyword phrases and similar
phrases in my page heading as well as in many subheadings. The rest of the page
copy is usually written with sales conversion in mind, and I do not pay too much
attention to optimizing it for search engines. Natural writing should cause you to
use your keywords throughout the text.

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