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Use Variation
Since latent semantic indexing-type algorithms may be able to detect unnatural
copy that lacks related terms and will score hyper-focused repetitive unnatural text
as being less relevant, it is important to use some mixture of terms and phrases (i.e.,
in some spots you want to use terms related to your keywords and not just your
If you took your core keyword out of the page copy and replaced it with blanks,
would humans to be able to understand what the document was about? If they
could, you are in great shape.
Be Creative
There are so many creative ways to mix in your keywords. Again, assuming we
wanted to target eat cheddar, we could write the following:
?Cheddar is one of my favorite foods to eat. Cheddar is??
Notice how the keywords overlap and are in different sentences. There are many
different ways to get your keywords in the content.
Spread Your Keywords Throughout the Page
Some of the more recent algorithms may have the ability to look for natural
language patterns. In natural language, the different words in a keyword phrase will
appear spread apart from one another.
To boost your rankings in these algorithms, you will want to use the word eat in
some spots and cheddar in other spots. Often your keywords will appear next to
each other naturally. Some words like peanut and butter often occur together, but in
general, all of your occurrences of the keywords should not be together unless that
is how they would appear in a newspaper article about your topic.
Keywords at the Top of the Page
Keywords near the top of the page, and before your navigation, may be weighted
more heavily and enhance your search engine rankings.
Search engines care about the order the content appears in the page code more
than on the screen. Reorganizing the text can easily be accomplished by writing a
sentence above your branding images or through using a floating DIV or another
CSS technique. When using tables, some people use a blank cell technique to make
the search engines see the body content before navigation. If search engines
weight where the keywords are on the page, then they most likely use the order of
the words in the actual page source code and not the visual display of the pages.
Microsoft did research into visual page segmentation, and Google hired some lead
Firefox programmers away from Mozilla. As computer clock cycles get more

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