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efficient, if they can improve relevancy by looking closer at how words appear on
displayed pages, they will factor that into their algorithms.
Naming File Paths
Usually, you want to use short file names and folder names so that the data is easy
to transmit using various means (such as e-mail). Long file paths may look a bit
spammy to search engine editors or searchers looking through search results.
Generally, you want to use one to a few keywords in each filename or folder. Use
lowercased file paths because some directories & content management systems do
not handle upper-case filenames. Separate words with a hyphen (-) between each
word. If you leave blank spaces, it will look strange in the address bar and if you
use underscores (_), some search engines may not parse the individual words in
each file name. In July of 2007 Google began using underscores as separators.
Some people will be more likely to click relevant looking URLs. Some will cite
your website using the URL as the link text. If you use descriptive URLs, that
should help improve your traffic and rankings. If your site is already built and well-
indexed, there is probably little reason to change filenames, but if you are making a
new site, it is worth the time it takes to use descriptive filenames.
Page Copy Length
Clarity and formatting are more important than shear length of copy. Rather than
aiming for an arbitrary word limit or cut off, you should write pages of varying
length based on the goals of the page. For example, if you want to make a page
look comprehensive and use that idea as part of your marketing strategy it may
make sense to make that page longer than it needs to be. If you are trying to
quickly communicate an important idea it does not hurt to publish that page with
less text on it.
Building Content
Same Old Stuff
Creating an extremely useful web-based tool, or paying a programmer to create one
for you, is one of the most effective ways to build content, which will, in turn, help
you build natural linkage data. Writing articles will also help you build up your link
Many websites blindly add large sums of free content to their site because they
think it will help them for low cost. The problems with adding exact copies of
low-quality articles are the following:
? Since the articles exist elsewhere, yours probably will not rank as well
as one of the other copies on the web.

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