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Deep Linkable Content
If you build a large website and large brand, it is a good idea to try to create niche-
specific, high-quality content that many people will directly reference/link to. This
will help search engines spider your sites better and help them understand that your
site is an authority on much more than just whatever is on the home page.
Free Decent Content
There is a ton of good, free content out there, but you need to do a bit of research
to find it. If you are building a long-term business, quality is usually more
important than quantity. Creative reintegration of other content with some fresh
new content or other features can make your site much more useful to your site
visitors, but you do not want to push it too far, as duplicate content filters improve
? If you sell products, make sure you grab the official specifications from
the manufacturers.
? Incorporate user feedback into the pages. These can add value to your
shopping experience and give you unique content.
? When you write articles, remember to quote and link to websites of
topical authorities.
? Incorporate product recommendations and related/compatible items
into pages.
? If you have a web-related idea or are researching the history of
something that may have appeared on the web, you can view what a
site looked like in the past from the Internet Archive. You may not be
able to use the old web copy, but screenshots might be acceptable and
how things change certainly makes for good article information.
? Integrate topic-specific RSS feeds into your website.
? Ask a friend to write an article for you or interview an industry expert.
? Search for articles on your topic in search engines. In addition, you
may want to look at article/e-zine directories and glance at industry
hub sites to see if the authors allow you to repost their articles. Many
people who know a decent amount about marketing will let you post
their articles in exchange for a link back to their site.
? Sometimes, it is worth the cost to hire a professional writer. Some of
my friends hire people to write press releases and articles to promote
each new site they create.

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