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authority using dozens or hundreds of decent quality articles that are more
aggressively monetized.
Unexplored Waters
Hype Hype Hype
Some fields are hyper-saturated and full of hype. Unless you can become one of
the few people at the top of that social group, you probably are not going to make
much money jumping into a hyper-saturated field, unless you know how to create
controversy and/or can attack the field from another angle. Remember, just
because there is hype and conversation in a market does not mean there is money
to be made there.
Where the Money Is
If you find holes in conventional SEO wisdom, you can make a boatload of cash.
I like having at least a couple spare sites to do algorithmic testing on.
If you find markets that are not yet on the radar of other marketers, it is going to
be far easier to profit from your sites.
I have a number of niche sites that make hundreds of dollars a month while
requiring virtually no effort to run them. This site has done well for me, but I have
some sites that make over ,000 a month while requiring well under an hour of
work, largely because they are markets underserved by other SEOs. One small
niche retailer I do SEO for makes about $40,000 a month on marketing entirely
driven by search engines. I might spend about an hour a month marketing his site.
The point of that last paragraph is not to paint me as arrogant or rich, but more to
emphasize that there is a true disconnect between value created and how much
profit you make. It makes more sense to target underserved markets and
techniques than to jump into an already developed hyper-saturated marketplace.
If you have authority but are not profiting from it, think of how you can extend
your brand out to serve underserved markets. If you have found some
underserved markets but lack authority, think of authoritative ideas you can add to
the site to boost your overall authority score.
Interactive Elements
Bush, Vannevar. ?As We May Think.? The Atlantic Online. July, 1945.

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