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Common SEO Abuse Techniques
There is no such thing as a perfectly optimized page. Search engines do not want to
return the most optimized page, but the page that best satisfies the searcher?s
If you have a page title and H1 header that are exactly the same, and all of your
internal links and all of your inbound links from other sites pointing to that page
use that same text, then that looks suspicious (like attempted ranking
manipulation). As a result, the search engines may de-weight that or filter that out
of the search results.
How do you minimize your risks and make your site more stable? It?s best to mix
things up a bit and create something that markets itself. Or, try looking at things
like a search engine engineer would.
There is a concept called poison words, where if you have things like link exchange, add
URL, or link partners on a page, there stands a good chance a search engines may
place less weight on that page or its outbound links. In the past, some common
poison words were things like forum and guestbook. The more likely the content is to
be of low quality or related to spam, the more likely search engines want to de-
weight it.
Search engines may want to penalize the use of ?spammy? sites using an H1
header, so instead people use an H2 header for the highest level header tag on the
spammy sites. Maybe they look to de-weight site-wide links to the home page near
the end of the page code using the exact same link text as the home page?s page
title, so instead you link to the home page from earlier in the page code and/or use
slightly different anchor text than your page title and most of your link profile.
Keep in mind that some of the search relevancy algorithms are genetic algorithms
that train themselves to test the relevancy of new result sets, but humans still
program them. Google wants to have a bias toward informational resources.
Yahoo! will be more biased toward commerce. These biases can affect
optimization, as well.
In addition, some guys like DaveN mention lots of subtle tips like the ones I just
discussed. If you think like a search engineer, those techniques that are common in
SEO and not so common on regular websites are the most likely to be de-weighted
or penalized. Remember that optimizing content is about matching quality signs,
but if you match too many too closely, it could send a negative signal.
Appearing Natural
A recent theme in SEO is finding ways to appear natural. Search engines do not
want the most optimized sites at the top of the search results. They want the best
pages and best sites.
There are only so many things search engines can look at to determine the quality
of a website. You can emulate many of them, but as search algorithms advance, it

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