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Directories and
Most pages that get submitted to search engines are of low-quality. There is no
guarantee that your site will get included for free just by submitting it. The best
way to get listed in search engines is to get other people to link to your site.
Yahoo! is currently the only major search engine to offer a paid inclusion program.
Yahoo! Search Submit Basic lists sites in all of the Yahoo search properties. You
don?t need to use paid inclusion to get listed in search engines. Most useful and
original websites will get included in the search indexes for free if they build
a few links.
Search Engines versus Directories
Search engines are operated by scripts and machine code. Some of them have
human editors, but, by and large, search engines are run by automated relevancy
Directories are human-compiled lists of sites organized by categories. Since
directories are entirely human-edited, they take time and effort to maintain.
Whenever I create a new site and I am happy with it, I submit it to a about a half
dozen or a dozen directories. A few of the larger directories are listed in the next
section. In addition, you can find a relationship chart that clearly shows how the
largest search engines and directories interact here:
When submitting to directories, it is worth it to spend the extra time to ensure you
are in the correct category and are following the directory guidelines. For example,
the DMOZ guidelines can be found here:
Submitting Your Site
Submitting to Search Engines

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