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? Submit your site to the right category.
? Read the directory submission tips.
? Check to see how other sites in that category are listed. If they
primarily are listed by site title, make sure you submit your actual site
title. If they seem to be a bit liberal (allowing keyword-stuffed listings),
you may want to submit with a more liberal and descriptive title (i.e.,
try to get your keywords in some of the links).
? Use a suitable description. Make sure you mix your link anchor text
and descriptions each time you get a link.
? View the other entries in the category so you can see the style of the
other listings.
? Emulate the style of other listings, but provide your own original
factual details in the description. Try your best to state what sets you
apart or what is your unique selling proposition.
? Keyword-rich domain names lead to keyword-rich links from
directories. If your site does not have a keyword-rich URL, then it is
easy to change the site graphic design to make it look like the site?s
official name at launch is my keyword store or similar. In addition, you
can place your keywords inside the page title and site logo such that it
looks like your site name is Paypal Payment Solutions instead of just
Paypal. That move might be viewed as shady by some, and it is not
something you would do with an already well-branded business, but if
you are starting from scratch, try to use what advantages you can.

Links from Other Resources
Some people are rather link--liberal and will list your site as you please. Again, view
how they have their other links and emulate them.
If you are trading links, and a site is requesting a super keyword-rich link, they
should have no problem with giving you a keyword-rich link.
Sometimes writing articles or creating viral tools is a quick way to build links in a
cheap and time effective manner.
How do You Learn Best?
Some people learn better by watching video than by reading. Dan Thies recently
offered two free videos on link building. I recommend watching both of them,
even if you also read the rest of this chapter. The first video is web-based
(, and the second one is an exe file
Vary Link Text
All the links pointing to your site should not have the same exact link text as that
could be a sure sign of link spamming. You want to mix it up and use different

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