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Using Links to Capture the Tail End of Search
Many people optimize their sites for stuff like purple widgets and forget to optimize
for more specific or related terms. You cannot always optimize your page for all
the terms you like, but you can add some modifier or descriptive words in some of
the inbound link text to try to rank well in a slightly broader keyword basket. Some
example link text might be the following:
? Buy Purple Widgets
? Purple Widget Store
? Purple Widget Sale
Doing this may mean that it may take longer to rank well for purple widgets, but it
also means you will likely rank for many more specific queries around that keyword
term space in a quicker time period. It also makes your link profile look more
natural and makes your site less likely to get filtered out of the search results.
Giving away Tools or Knowledge for Linkage Data
Many sites build free linkage data by creating industry standard tools. I paid a
friend only $400 to create the Hub Finder tool and in its first month of existence, it
probably got at least ,000 worth of free links. Digital Point has many free links
from the tools they give away.
If you have great free tools on your site, you may garner many natural, editorial,
quality links from them. If you place tools on other sites, make sure you also put a
few links on them to drive traffic and link authority at your most important sites.
Articles can act just like tools as link magnets. Paul Graham is a great example of a
writer who gains a ton of free linkage data by giving away knowledge. His How to
Start a Startup article is a classic example of an article that built him significant
linkage data.
In a large social network, as long as you think about the scalability of your business
model, it is hard to give away too much software or information. The more you
give away, the more you get back.
Framing, Controversy & Story Telling
Framing is a concept well known in politics. The thesis behind the idea of framing
is that if you control the language of a debate, you win. Frank Luntz is brilliant at
framing issues for the Republican Party.
U.S. politicians have used Support Our Troops as a phrase to gain blind support for
the war in Iraq. At the same time, the same government cut hazardous duty pay,
cut veteran?s benefits, and called back reservists using a back door draft.
There is a yellow Support Our Troops ribbon from China on many SUVs. Anyone
who dare criticize the ribbons would be called unpatriotic.

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