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Back door draft would be an example of an anti-war frame. Extension of honorable
service would be considered a pro-war frame.
If you create an idea or campaign that is hard to dislike, or one where a mention
causes controversy, you will likely gain many links. Don?t Think of an Elephant is a
short book about framing from a liberal political perspective.
Framing, Search & SEO
For the past few years Google has had the largest search index. They boasted
about how important index size was. Yahoo! announced an index twice the size as
Google?s. Sergey Brin was quick to discredit Yahoo! stating their index had many
duplicate documents in it. Google then stopped showing their number of indexed
pages on their home page and stated that they thought relevancy was more
Many SEOs say they are ethical, which by default frames their competitors as
Before I wrote this e-book, many people stated, ?you don?t want an SEO book?
they are all outdated garbage.? I used that frame to sell my e-book as ?the only
current SEO book.? I also give away free updates to help readers keep up with the
market and also reinforce that marketing message.
If you read conversations in your marketplace, the market will likely grant you
many useful frames to position your business.
Getting Sued
If you ever get sued, reflect upon how you can spin the story and market it. The
marketing value of a well-played lawsuit can be immeasurable.
I was sued by Traffic Power, and it got my site links from many newspapers,
Wired, Slashdot, and the Wall Street Journal. I never really wanted to follow
through with fighting the lawsuit, but my friends talked me into it. After all those
links started to pour in, I knew why.
The nice things about getting links from high-profile, well-trusted sites are that they
are hard to duplicate, they drive significant direct traffic, and they often lead to
many secondary links.
Story Telling
Seth Godin?s All Marketers are Liars is a book about how consumers lie to
themselves to justify their actions. Good marketers tell stories to match the bias
and world views of their customers.
The search phrase SEO Book was not competitive until AFTER I created this site.
I do reference ranking #1 for SEO Book as part of the sales process because it

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