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10 of Google?s results for just about any keyword tool name I can imagine. After I
got a few dozen links with different anchor text combinations, I changed the name
to the ?SEO Book keyword research tool.?
Keep in mind that if you are too overt with how you mix things up, someone
might call you out on the technique.
Creating Tools & Content Based on Linking Opportunities
Sometimes when doing link analysis, you come across pages that would be
appealing to get links from, but the owner may not be readily willing to link to your
current site. So create something that they would link to.
Of all the pages on the web, most of them are not overtly amazingly thoughtful or
original. With that being said, it costs next to nothing to write an article or hire an
article writer to write about a topic that could likely gain links from various trusted
or authoritative resources.
For most people, it is easier to create something worth promoting than to promote
something not worth promoting. Along those lines, it is easier to create something
people care about if you use their interests as the source of the content or idea.
If the thought or reasoning behind the article does not totally agree with you, then
it might be a good occasion to hire a guest writer.
A good example of this idea is Myriad Search, an ad-free meta search engine I
created. Within a month of launch, the site had over 1,000 links without me
buying a single link. People linked to it because it is easy to link to. In the minds of
some people, it also changed my brand from being a person who did SEO to a
person who did search. Suddenly I was able to build link reputation that would
normally be unreachable to most SEOs.
Self Reinforcing Market Positions
Once a site already ranks at the top of the search results it is more likely to be
found and read and linked at. If you are trying to catch up and beat a site that is
enjoying many self-reinforcing links, you need to try to create self-reinforcing
positions in smaller markets, go after different keywords or market segments, or
add something remarkable to your site that will make powerful webmasters want to
link at your site.
Mike Grehan explains the self reinforcing market position link conundrum in his
Filthy Linking Rich.
Tag, You?re It
Currently, most search algorithms are driven by link reputation. Eventually, search
engines will have enough user feedback data to where they will be able to augment
the links with how users tag web pages and their usage data.

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