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If you buy AdSense ads, you can run Google?s position placement report to
find where Google was syndicating your ad to. Webmasters who own these
related pages might be willing to sell you links if you contact them.

Affiliate Program Links
Most affiliate programs redirect your links through third-party websites that
prevent the link from parsing link popularity.
In addition, many other websites use query strings on the links. These typically will
not parse PageRank to the destination page. A query string is something like
??affil=34565? at the end of the link. This identifies the affiliate for tracking
Even if affiliate programs do not provide static text links, they still help raise your
brand awareness and build trust in the eyes of your prospective customers. A well-
run affiliate program can also mean that some of your affiliates are crowding some
of your competitors out of the search results.
Problems With SEO-Friendly Affiliate Programs (How They
Can Hurt Affiliates, But Help Merchants)
If you build enough link popularity pointing to an affiliate page, it can outrank the
regular version of the document. But if many good affiliates are promoting a
product and those pages link back to the home page of the site they are promoting,
then you can end up pushing a ton of PageRank to the home page of the merchant
site. That PageRank can filter down to the regular (or non-affiliate) version of the
page, which may eventually outrank all the affiliates. More information is available
on the Over The Mark blog.
You Do Not Need To Reciprocate Every Link
If you have a great resource, you do not need to give a link back every time you ask
for a link. If you write compelling content, people may want to link to it free, and
that is the best way to get links.
I often group my sites with a couple other similar resources when I ask for free
links. This gives me a better chance of getting my site listed, because it seems like I
am trying to help them improve their site versus just helping myself. In addition,
this helps clustering search engines such as Teoma know what sites are similar to
You cannot be afraid to ask or get rejected. Most link requests are rejected or
ignored, but if you show that you put a good amount of time and effort in and that
you are actually a human who visited their site, then you stand a much better
chance of getting a link.

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