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SEO for Firefox allows you to view many data points from directly within the
search results to see how competitive a marketplace is. It will help you answer
questions like
? How old are these sites?
? Do they have quality inbound links?
? Are they listed in the major web directories?
? Are bloggers mentioning their site?
? Are people saving their site on social bookmarking sites?
Hub Finder
Hub Finder is a free, web-based link analysis tool I created. The sole goal of Hub
Finder is to help webmasters find co-occurring links. Hub pages that link to
multiple competing sites are also likely to link to your site.
This means you can enter in the URL of two to ten competing websites and
wherever their inbound links overlap, it will return in the search results. On-topic
links may carry more weight than off-topic links in some search algorithms. Here
is a quick visual run through of how it works.

You can enter in a relevant topic to grab the top results from the search engine.
You can choose to grab the results from Yahoo!, Google, or both.
The tool then queries Yahoo! to look for what pages are linking to each site. By
default, the tool searches through the top 50 inbound links for each domain. You
can adjust this value from 50 to 250.

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