Thu Jan 24 14:03:13 PST 2019

The sites that rank at the top of the search results for competitive phrases in your
field are called authority sites. For the term SEO, the following eleven sites are
authority sites.

After the tool grabs the links pointing at each of the domains, it compares where
they overlap and returns pages that link to two or more related websites. The
pages that link to two or more authority pages are called hub pages.

The numbers at the top of the results coincide with the numbers next to each site
listed above. I clicked on #4 ( You can see that TopRank and
Search Engine Watch both linked to my website.
Sometimes this tool will return a few useless or spammy results if you are not
searching for a well-established topic, but most of the time it will show some of the
best sites you should try to get links from.
After the results show, you can click the Download CSV button if you want to
save the results to view them later in a spreadsheet.
Yahoo! Site Explorer
If using the ?linkdomain:? and ?link:? features confuses you, then you may want to
try Yahoo!?s free link analysis tool. Yahoo! will not give you the in-depth
information that Backlink Analyzer will, but it makes it easy to surf through a site
and see what pages have inbound links and what links point at each page.

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