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Backlink Analyzer
I created Backlink Analyzer to give people a free option to do link analysis. Some
of my friends have already compared it to the two paid tools listed below and
described it as being on par or better.
Read more about my newly launched backlink analyzer at: Backlink Analyzer is currently a
Windows-only application. My programmers are making an extensible cross-
platform version.
OptiLink ($224) is link analysis software that can scour up to 1000 different
backlinks of a website and return the results in the order of PageRank. You then
have the ability to go through and request links from the most important sites.
OptiLink also lets you know what words are in the different links so you can get an
accurate picture of total link reputation and not just link popularity. Link
reputation is the combination of link popularity and link text. OptiLink will let you
check the backlinks through multiple search engines.
SEO Elite
SEO Elite (67) is newer software that is extremely similar to OptiLink. It
surveys backlinks to find what anchor text is used and linking page PageRank. In
addition, SEO Elite will spider the links on your site or page and check that
reciprocal link partners are linking back to your site.
Greg Boser created a free, lighting-quick link analysis application similar to the
three listed above. Tattler is available free. It only works with Yahoo!, but is
exceptionally fast.
Web-Based Link Analysis
If you do not want to download any link analysis software but still want to analyze
anchor text profiles there are a couple free web based link analysis tools.
Similar to SEO for Firefox, the WeBuildPages Top 10 Analysis Tool compares a
URL to the stats of the top 10 ranked pages in Google. provides link anchor text and PageRank values.
Link Harvester
Link Harvester is a free, web-based link analysis tool I created. Link Harvester will
tell you if a site has any governmental or educational inbound links as well as telling
you the number of unique linking domains and unique linking IP addresses.

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