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And since UPI is a slow moving, 100 year-old company, the fact that they are
selling PageRank should also tell you that Google?s relevancy algorithms have
moved far beyond just considering PageRank. I have PageRank 5 sites that get 100
times the traffic that some of my PageRank 7 sites do, because they have better
content and a more natural link profile.
If you do buy links, think of the page as though you were an editor for a search
engineer. Does the link look like it is a natural part of the page? Or is it an
obviously purchased link?
What if instead of thinking of ways to try to create false authority, you looked at the
web in terms of a social network, where the best ideas and the best marketed ideas
spread? Now that might get you somewhere.
Starting from Broke
What if you are starting with nothing? Can you still compete? Of course you can.
At the end of 2002, I got kicked out of the military for using drugs. At that point, I
was experiencing a number of things:
? Suicidal depression
? Financial bankruptcy, living on credit cards
? Social isolation
? Ignorance to the web, SEO, and marketing (slightly less serious, I know)
Within 4 years, I had pulled myself out of this emotional and psychological slump,
and had achieved success:
? I was fairly knowledgeable about the web, SEO, and marketing.
? I had made lots of friends.
? I was getting mentioned in the Wall Street Journal (and many other
? I was speaking at colleges about SEO (one college even wanted to hire me to
become a professor).
? I had venture capitalists offering to invest in this site.
? I had a mainstream publisher offer to publish this book.
? I got married to the most wonderful woman in the world
What did I have that allowed me to do well? I had a passion for learning. That
passion helped me attract great friends who took me under their wing and helped
me far more than I could have ever expected. It takes time to do well, but if you
keep pushing, keep learning, keep sharing, and are trying to help others, eventually
you will do well on the web.
Many true web authorities started out as topical hubs. People who had no intent of
creating a business would just freely talk about a subject they loved, and linked out
to related websites they found useful. Every web marketer should read this post:

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