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Google shows up to ten pay-per-click AdWords ads on their search results, but
they keep them separate from the regular (or organic) listings. There is no direct
way to pay Google money to list in their organic search results.

PageRank (PR), Briefly
Google is primarily driven by linkage data.
The Google Toolbar provides a 0-10 logarithmic scale to mimic the link popularity
of pages. PageRank helps provide a quick glance how important Google thinks a
page is.
Google would like you to believe that their PageRank algorithm is the core of their
search technology, but they also use many other technologies to improve their
search relevancy.
Many webmasters exchange links with as many people as they can, but there is an
opportunity cost to everything you do. There are algorithms for sorting good links
from bad links. Many link schemes increase your risk profile much quicker than
they increase your potential rewards. When you link into the wrong circles, you
run the risk of being associated with them.
It is important to note that this PageRank value is only one component of the
Google search engine algorithm. Many times, a PR 4 site will rank above a PR 6
site because it was optimized better and has a well-defined descriptive inbound link
profile, which means better, more natural links from more sites (and more related
Many Myths about Google
There are many myths about Google that are represented as fact by marketers
trying to make money. Misinformation spreads like wildfire because everyone
wants to sound like the smart person with all the answers. One example of the
many myths about Google is that you are limited to 100 links per page.

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