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Google threw out that guidance based upon usability ideas. On pages with no link
popularity, they will not want to follow many links. On pages with a large amount
of link popularity, Google will scour thousands of links.
I have one page with over 950K of page copy. Most pages should be smaller than
that from a usability standpoint, but Google has fully indexed that page.
If you ever have questions on any rumors regarding Google and SEO,
SearchGuild.com is one of the most straightforward SEO forums on the web.
What Pages of My Site are Indexed by Google?
You can check to see what pages of your site are indexed by searching Google for
?site:www.mysite.com mysite.?
How do I Submit My Site to Google?
While Google also offers a free site submit option, the best way to submit your site
is by having Google?s spider follow links from other web pages.
Google offers a Google Sitemaps program that you can use to help Google set
crawl priorities. In addition to helping Google index your site, the Sitemaps
program also shows you if they have any crawling problems with your site.
Where do I Rank in Google for My Keywords?
I use the free Digital Point keyword ranking tool to determine where I rank in
Google. The Digital Point keyword ranking tool also supports Yahoo! and MSN.
Tracking various sites helps me determine some of the ways Google may be
changing their algorithm.
If you sign up for the Google API service and are doing lots of sketchy stuff, then
it makes it easy for Google to cross connect your websites. Google generally is the
slowest of the major search engines to trust and rank new websites.
Google Backlink Check
Backlinks is another way of saying ?links into a page.?
When you check backlinks in Google (link:www.whateversite.com,) it only shows a
small sampling of your total backlinks. Many links that do not show up when
you use the ?link:? function in Google still count for your relevancy scoring. In
addition, there is a time delay between when links are created and when they will
show up in search results.
To get a more accurate picture of links, you will also want to check backlinks using
Yahoo! or MSN. Yahoo! typically shows many more backlinks than Google. The
code to check Yahoo! backlinks to a site is ?linkdomain:www.site.com.?

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