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Google Webmaster Central
Google provides obtuse data to the general facing web public. They are more
willing to show site owners more granular data once you have verified that you
own your site.
Inside of Google Webmaster Central they show you
? A much larger list of your inbound links, and the associated anchor text
? Keywords you are ranking for, and keywords that drive the most traffic to
your site
? Any crawling errors, 404 errors, or pages that are blocked in your
robots.txt file
? If your site is penalized in Google, and allows you to submit reinclusion
? Control of your sitelinks if your site shows sitelinks for search queries
related to your brand.
You can use the information from Webmaster Central to help you fix broken links,
reclaim link popularity, and ensure the important parts of your site are being
If you have a site you do not like being associated with it is recommended that you
do not register it with Google Webmaster Central.
How do I Know What Sites are Good?
First off, common sense usually goes pretty far. If a page or site links to a bunch of
off-topic or low-quality garbage, you can feel safe, assuming the page does not pass
link authority. If you have doubts, you probably do not want to link.
Secondly, Google has a toolbar that shows how it currently views a web page or
website. The Google toolbar is one of the top search engine optimization tools for
a person new to search engine marketing. It works on Windows and is
downloadable at http://toolbar.google.com/.
PageRank is a measure of link popularity, which can come and go. It?s not hard for
a successful business to rent a few high PageRank links into their site and then
leverage that link popularity for link exchanges. A site with decent PageRank can
get penalized just the same as a site with low PageRank. Usually, you will want to
error on the side of caution off the start.
Instead of making PageRank your primary criteria when evaluating a page or site,
just think of it as a baseline.

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