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Does Google trust this page? There are several ways in which this question can be
? It ranks for relevant search queries, so that is a good sign.
? It is a useful page, so that is a good sign.
? It is relevant to my site, so that is a good sign.
? It only links to relevant resources, so that is a good sign.

If you are using techniques that fall far outside of Google?s recommended
guidelines, I would not recommend using their toolbar, since the feedback the
toolbar provides may make it easy for them to link you to all of your websites.
In October of 2007 Google edited the toolbar PageRank scores of many sites that
were selling links. Most of the sites that had their toolbar PageRank scores edited
did not see any change in traffic. The only thing that changed was their perceived
PageRank scores.
Google Toolbar Broken?
? Sometimes the Google Toolbar gets stuck at 0 when searching the
web. If you are unsure of the PageRank of a page, go to a high
PageRank site (like http://www.w3c.org) and then type the address of
where you were just at in the address bar of Internet explorer. Usually
this technique will unstick the PageRank.
? Keep in mind that Google has only been updating toolbar display
PageRank about once every 3 months, so if a site is only a few months
old, it will not be uncommon for it to show a PageRank 0 in the
toolbar. Also remember that PageRank is only a rough approximation
of authority.
? To find out who is linking to your competitors, you can type
?link:www.evilcompetitor.com? in the Google search box. Keep in
mind that Google only shows a small sample of inbound links and
other search engines show more/better linkage data.
? The toolbar is just an aid and should be combined with common
sense. If you see sites linking into awful websites or if a site looks
sketchy, then it may not be a good place to get a link from.
? If you use the Safari browser, you can use the PageRank Toolbar
Widget for the Mac from Digital Point.
New Google Toolbar Features
In February 2006, Google introduced the beta version of their 4th Google Toolbar.
Some notable features are the following:
? Search suggest. The toolbar tries to help you complete your search
queries based on other popular searches.

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