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? Toolbar buttons. You can create custom XML buttons to link to
some of your favorite sites. This also has a simple RSS reader
integrated into it. I created buttons on my site to link to many useful
free SEO tools and SEO blogs.
? Saves bookmarks. If you are logged in, it saves your search history
and bookmarks in your Google Account, which is accessible from any
Google Update Florida
In November of 2003, Google performed a major algorithm change. The goal of
the change was to make it harder to manipulate their search results. It is believed
that Google may have significantly incorporated Hilltop, topic-specific PageRank,
and/or a latent semantic indexing like technology into their algorithms.
It is important to get links from the right community. Do not rely on cheesy off-
topic link exchanges. They can hurt you more than they help you. For example, to
a search engine marketer, a link from Search Engine Watch (a search engine
information resource hub) is worth much more than many random off-topic links.
I still have seen significant evidence that off-topic inbound links can improve your
Google rankings significantly, but it is likely that this will eventually change, and
there is an opportunity cost and risk level associated with every activity.
In early 2004, Google also began to block the ability of certain sites to pass
PageRank, even if those same pages showed PageRank when you visited them.
In addition, Google seems to have set up a portion of their algorithm to delay the
effects of some links or to only allow them to parse partial link credit until the links
age. These moves are aimed at curbing manipulation of the Google index through
link buying by making it a much more expensive and much less predictable
It may take up to three or so months for the full effect of new links to kick in.
Google Update Jagger
In November of 2005, Google rolled out another major update that caused a roar
on the SEO forums. I believe that the update was most likely related to scrubbing
link quality. Google also appeared to have placed more weight on TrustRank or
another similar technology.
The value of low-quality automated links is going down daily. SEO is becoming
more and more about public relations and viral marketing.
Google Update Big Daddy
In early 2006, Google upgraded their crawl and indexing systems to a new
architecture that leveraged different crawl priorities.

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