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This update has caused many sites to be not indexed, partially indexed, or stuck in
the supplemental results. Matt Cutts mentioned on his blog that many sites that
were well-indexed are no longer indexed or reduced to only having a few pages
indexed due to having primarily low-trust, spammy, inbound links, shady outbound
links, or participating in cheesy link exchange networks.
The message worth emphasizing again and again is that Google is looking for
quality editorial links.
Google Sandbox
Many new sites, or sites that have not been significantly developed, have a hard
time ranking right away on Google. Many well-known SEOs have stated that a
good way to get around this problem is to just buy old sites. Another option is to
place a site on a subdomain of a developed site, and after the site is developed and
well-indexed, 301 redirect the site to the new location.
The whole goal of the Sandbox concept is to put sites through a probationary
period until they prove they can be trusted.
There are only a few ways webmasters can get around the Sandbox concept:
? Buying an old site and ranking it
? Placing pages on a long-established, well-trusted domain (through
buying sites, renting full-page ads, paying for reviews, renting a folder,
or similar activity)
? Gaining a variety of natural high-quality links. When a real news story
spreads, some of the links come from news sites or other sites that are
highly trusted. Also note that when real news spreads, some of the
links will come from new web pages on established, trusted sites (new
news story and new blog posts). It is an unnatural pattern for all your
link popularity to come from pages that have existed for a long time,
especially if they are links that do not send direct traffic and are mostly
from low-trust sites.
? Participating in hyper-niche markets where it is easy to rank without
needing a large amount of well-trusted link popularity

Google & Authoritative Domains
Content on a new domain with limited authority will not rank as well as content on
a trusted domain name. Through 2006 Google placed significant weighting on
trusted authoritative domains. According to Hitwise and the NYT in November
of 2006, search provides roughly 22% of the web traffic to many newspaper
websites, with roughly 2/3 of that traffic coming from Google.
Google is not sending these newspapers so much more traffic because the
newspapers are doing SEO. They are sending more traffic for a variety of concrete

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