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? Google wants to rank informational pages.
? Many of these newspapers are well trusted offline within their
? Newspapers have an informational bias and their articles consist of real
unique human written text.
? Google feels they can rely on long established businesses and sources
of power more than the average website.
The more your sites (or sections of them) look like a trusted newspaper, the easier
it is going to be to rank well in Google.
Various Data Centers
Google uses groups of data centers to process their search queries. When Google
updates algorithms or their refreshes their index, the changes roll from one data
center to the next. When results rapidly change back and forth, sometimes they are
tweaking algorithms, but more frequently you are getting search results from
different data centers. You can use the free Firefox ShowIP extension to find the
IP address of the data center of your search query.
About PageRank
PageRank is a measure of connectivity. It is a rough approximation of the odds
that a random web surfer will cross your page. PageRank is calculated by following
links throughout the web, and placing more weight on links from pages that many
quality pages link at.
The problem with PageRank is that most industries and most ideas are not
exceptionally important and well integrated into the web. This means that if
Google did place a heavy emphasis on PageRank, webmasters could simply buy or
rent a few high PageRank links from sites in a more important vertical and
dominate the search results for their niche topic. However, that is not how it
PageRank (mentioned in The Anatomy of a Search Engine) as it relates to SEO is
overrated. By Google making the concept easy to see and understand, it allows
more people to talk about them and makes it easier for more people to explain
how search engines work using Google and PageRank as the vocabulary.
Google?s technology is not necessarily better/more effective than the technologies
owned by Yahoo!, MSN, or Ask, but they reinforce their market position by being
the default vocabulary. And, as they move on to more elegant and more
sophisticated technologies, many people are still using irrelevant outdated
marketing techniques.

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