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SEO Quick-Start Checklist
Picking a Product
Analyze your product. Are you interested in it yourself?
Analyze your market. Is it oversaturated? Is it growing or changing?
Is it easy to order your product from the web? Or are you selling commodity dog
food that is expensive to ship?
What can you do to be unique in the market?
What creative and original ideas can you add to your site?
Picking a Domain Name
FOR NEW SITES: Ponder your domain name choice. Depending on your brand
strategy, it should either be highly brandable or have your primary keywords in it.
Consider buying different domain names for each targeted language or niche in
your market.
Domain Registration & Hosting
Choose an ICANN accredited registrar.
Register a .com as soon as possible.
Register a country?s top-level domain if your primary market is local in nature.
Choose a host that supports the technology you will be using (ASP or PHP, etc.).
Keyword Selection
Use keyword tools and customer feedback to find the most targeted keyword
phrases for your site.
Develop grouped themes of keywords that reflect the different sections of your
Keeping within a grouped theme, choose different keywords to target each page.
Page Optimization
Put your chosen words for each page in your page title tags. Make sure your page
title tag text is unique to each page.
Write a description for the meta description tag. Make sure your description is
unique to each page.
Use only one H1 header per page, and target similar keyword phrases as the ones
you targeted when writing the page title.
Use subheaders H2 and H3 on your page when necessary.
Use bulleted lists and bolding to make content easier to read.
Make sure your text is written for human consumption?not bots.
Home Page Optimization
Make sure your home page builds credibility and directs consumers to the most
important parts of your site.
Target your most competitive keyword on your home page or a page that is well
integrated into your site.
Link to major theme pages from your home page.
Link to your home page from every sub page.

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