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other people will be creating thousands of similar sites with similar link profiles and
similar footprints.

Human Review
Google claims everything is done algorithmically, but they need to refine the
algorithms and test the relevancy of their results with humans. In June of 2005.
Henk van Ess of SearchBistro posted a remote, search-relevancy-quality rater
document and a spam document on his site.
These documents showed how Google asks remote ?raters? to review search
results. Even if the review input is not directly used to alter the search results, the
guidance in the documents shows what Google wants. One of the documents was
dated December 2003, so Google has been using human quality raters for a great
length of time.
I would link to the documents, but I believe that GoogleGuy asked that they not
be posted, and they may be taken down. I did an overview of the documents at
http://www.seobook.com/archives/000917.shtml. The highlights are the following:
? Most search spam sites are heavily automated and provide little useful,
unique, or compelling content to the end user.
? If people would have no reason to want to view an affiliate site instead
of going directly to the merchant, then the site is to be rated as
? For long-term success of affiliate sites, or bare-bone merchant sites, it
helps to add some value-added service that would make people want to
visit your site instead of your competitors?.

In 2007 a leading Google engineer hand edited one of my websites after it was
mentioned on an SEO blog, in spite of the fact that my site was better
(designed, formatted, higher content quality) than the current #1 ranked
website. If you have a successful thin affiliate type website and trust Google
enough to reveal your websites to them on SEO blogs don?t be surprised
when they hand edit your website out of the search results.

A June 2007 NTY article
da&ei=5070) about Google?s shifting relevancy algorithms further discussed how
humans play a role in Google?s relevancy measurements. Around the same
time Matt Cutts confirmed that Google hires over 10,000 quality raters.
Query Deserves Freshness
In the above linked NYT article a concept called query deserves freshness was
described. For some search queries that seem time dependant or see rapid

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