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? Look for issues in new pages from your site that are getting indexed by
? Find how how rapidly a story is spreading
From this line of thinking has couple a couple SEO tools, namely a free IndexRank
tool and a Website Health Check Tool. The IndexRank tool tracks how regularly
new content on your site is getting indexed in Google. The Website Health Check
Tool allows you to look for duplicate content issues or other technical issues.
Personalized Search
The word Jaguar has drastically different meanings to a person searching for a car
or an animal. Personalization mixes some of the sites you have viewed in the past
near the top of the search results. So if many searchers frequently visit and trust
your site those searchers will get your site mixed in near the top of the search
results more often.
Universal Search
Google mixes relevant fresh news stories and videos in their search results. If you
are finding it hard to get ranked for some of the more competitive terms in your
industry try posting a relevant useful video on YouTube and mention it to friends
in your industry. I have also seen PRNewswire press releases that were picked up
by CNN ranking for competitive searches like forex.
Perfect Links
Google using multiple algorithms in conjunction can allow them to place
exceptional positive bias on links that fit most or all their bolt on relevancy
boosting algorithms. This means the best links are those from the following places:
? Well-trusted sites (think of sites that were chosen as seed sites or
linked to from seed sites in the TrustRank algorithm)
? Sites that are on your theme
? Pages on that site that are about your topic, which is linked to from
many sites on your topic, and also link to other resources similar to
your site
o The anchor text of these pages would include some versions of
your primary keywords
o The link would drive direct, targeted traffic that may convert to
sales or secondary citations from other trusted sites
? Pages that rank well in the search results for your topic
? Sites that are easy to link to and hard to get a link from
? Sites that are well-read
How to Succeed in Google
The easiest way to get
natural-looking quality
linkage data is to create
something people would
want to link to without
you needing to ask them.

Google is much better
than its competitors at
counting only quality
links as votes.

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