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? Sponsor 501(c) tax-exempt organizations (or buy/rent other links) or
sponsor other sites.
? Reciprocate links with other quality sites. It is hard to get quality sites
to want to reciprocate until you are somewhat integrated into the web,
have built a brand, or are trusted for other reasons, so it may not be
worth chasing reciprocal links too hard off the start.
? Place advertisements on relevant, related sites.
? To keep your link profile looking natural to Google, make sure you
mix your anchor text heavily and get at least a few links from high-
quality sites.
? When your site is brand new, if you take a less is more approach to link
building, and only focus on gaining authoritative high-quality links, that
will help you more than an aggressive campaign where you actively
build many low-quality links.
You will still want to structure your pages properly using heading tags, page titles,
and the other page elements to help you rank well in all search engines, but current,
quality links are what matter most with Google.
Off-topic links still count toward your link popularity. If you already have many
links from within your community, then you may receive a great ranking boost by
sponsoring a few non-profits or by renting a few, strong, inbound links from other
websites. If you are in a competitive field, you need to build many on-topic links.
Be careful with how above the radar you are with link buys though. Established,
trusted, and well-branded sites can get away with using far more aggressive SEO
techniques than a new site could.
Anchor text is important, but all throughout 2006 Google depreciated the effect of
anchor text and started placing more weighting on link authority and domain age
related trust.
It can take up to three months for your inbound links to help improve your
Google rankings for competitive search terms. If Google believes your site is a
trusted authority, the delay time will not really exist. With Google, you want to
build linkage data over time to minimize the chances of it appearing unnatural.
Link Searching Tips
The most time-consuming part of SEO is building a linking campaign. Tools or
ideas that help us save time doing this are extremely valuable.
? You can classify domain extension or specific site ideas when
searching for potential links:
o ?Inurl:+".edu? and
o ?intitle:links? or ?intitle:partners? or ?intitle:resources? or
?intitle:engines? and
o ?searchenginewatch? or ?search engine watch?

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