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? In Google you are not able to use the ?link:? function with other
advanced search operators at the same time; in Yahoo! or MSN
you can.
? Filtering out a site can be exceptionally helpful. If there is a
specific site that is clouding up your link search, you can filter them out
by placing ?-site:www.whateverevilsite.com? in your search string.
Who is in Your Community?
Google TouchGraph graphs out sites related sites (by looking at the Google
related:site.com function). If your related sites do not consist of sites topically
related to your site, then you need to work on getting more people inside your
community to link to your site. The following is a picture of my topical
community. You can see many of the sites are exceptionally related to my site.

Google and Spam
Google is primarily a mathematical company, and they usually state that they try to
handle spam via algorithms.
While the term algorithm can be used loosely, there is human intervention.
However, they do not specifically respond to most spam reports. You can report
spam to them, but do not expect it to have much immediate effect on search
results. Generally, time spent reporting spam to Google would be better spent
making a better site. Also, some competitors can get a bit feisty if they are snitched
on. I know a guy that got so mad at being turned in, that a month later he ranked
1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, and 10. He then e-mailed the snitch thanking him for the
motivation to create all those other pages.

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