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it is to game Google with old domains can be found at
You can also use SEO for Firefox or Archive.org to see how old the average, top-
ranked site is for your primary keywords. Typically the top-ranked Google results
will be older than the top-ranked results on other search engines.
Google & Duplicate Content
Since December 2004, webmasters have been noticing Google has been tweaking
their duplicate content filters. If you have many pages with near similar content,
then they may struggle to rank in Google.
If you rewrite your URLs, make sure they are not getting indexed under the old
and new URLs. Also, ensure print only and other versions of similar content are
not getting indexed. WebmasterWorld had a good thread about the topic
mentioned here: http://www.seobook.com/archives/001230.shtml.
As automated spam spreads and rich consumer feedback is posted to the web,
hollow merchant sites will be forced out of the Google search results, which is a
trend that has been going on for a couple years now.
The best solution to that problem is to be able to collect rich user feedback on your
site or find other value add ideas to differentiate your site from websites that are
hollow product databases.
Wildcard Replace
When search engines compare one page to the next for uniqueness of content,
they can use sliding text readers across the text. This is one of the things that hurts
many information-light product catalog databases. If one page is like Cheap green
baby seat blah blah blah and the next page is like Cheap red baby seat blah blah blah then
when the search engine compares Cheap * baby seat blah blah blah, both of the pages
will appear identical.
Search engines do not want to index multiple copies of identical content.
If the only difference between template-driven pages on your site is part number
you may eventually run into problems where you notice search engines do not
want to index much of your site.
WWW versus Non-WWW
Some search engines may view site.com and www.site.com as being two different
URLs. If you split your link popularity amongst both versions, you will have less
authority on each version than if the two were combined.
To prevent both versions from getting indexed, you may want to 301 redirect one
version at the other version.

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