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Informational Bias
Yahoo! has a tool called Yahoo! Mindset that allows you to place greater emphasis
on commercial or informational results.
By default, Google tends to bias the search results heavily toward informational
resources. This makes business sense for them for many reasons:
? They want to promote creating additional search inventory to
show search ads against. As inventory is created, they can demand
more out of new content by biasing their algorithms to work harder at
promoting the creation of higher quality content.
? As more information clogs up the search results, more searchers
will click on AdWords for commercial searches. Merchants are
then stuck using AdWords for commercial transactions.
? Many informational sites are monetized using contextual ads
such as Google AdSense.

Google Hijacking
Sometimes people can hijack the search results of other webmasters. This is rather
uncommon in most fields, but if you get into high-margin areas, such as
prescription drugs, it is much more common.
In May of 2005, Google actually had one of their sites hijacked. Notice below how
the Google AdSense site is showing up as being part of the all-in-one-business.com

After that happened Google changed their facts & fiction page to include the
There?s almost nothing a competitor can do to harm your
ranking or have your site removed from our index. Your

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