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rank and your inclusion are dependent on factors under your
control as a webmaster, including content choices and site
While the hijackings are uncommon, if you are going to play in hyper-competitive
fields, make sure you make friends with some people who can help you out of
sticky situations. People usually do hijacks via 302 redirects, meta redirects, or a
combination of the two. An unwritten law amongst many of the most aggressive
SEOs is that you should never hijack a listing, and you should never file a spam
report. If you do, most likely you will not like some of the retaliation actions that
other webmasters may do.
Google Product Search & Google Base
Google Product Search is Google?s shopping search engine. Via Google Base, it
accepts free merchant product feeds. It also searches the web to find products and
match them up with their associated images as a backfill.
To optimize your site for great Google Product Search listings, you need to submit
a data feed to Google Base. It is a good idea to use descriptive image names and
titles as well as use your keywords in the data you submit to get top Google
Product Search placement.
Yahoo! Search

What is Yahoo! Search?
The Yahoo! Directory and Yahoo! Search are two entirely separate things. The
directory is a manually reviewed collection of websites. Yahoo! Search is powered
through various search technologies purchased by Yahoo!
Yahoo! Search probably serves over 100 million searches each day. The directory
would likely be lucky to serve more than a million searches a day.
Yahoo! Search is powered through a rewrite and combination of different pieces of
what was once AltaVista, AllTheWeb, and Inktomi.
Yahoo! Search Distribution
Yahoo! technology now powers around 20% of U.S. search including Yahoo!,
AllTheWeb, AltaVista, and many other sites that syndicate or use portions of these
search indexes.
Yahoo! places pay-per-click ads at the top and bottom of Yahoo! search results in a
blue box and also places ads on the right side of search results. On some of their

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