Wed Jan 16 01:03:14 PST 2019

hard to make much money from ads going for a dime a click when you consider
content ads typically are cheaper than search ads and Google gets a large share of
the click cost.
Google Trends
This chart compares the volume for search engine optimization and pay-per-click.

Most of the free (and paid) keyword tools only provide keyword data for the last
month or last few months. Google Trends shows years? worth of data. It also
cross-references this with news mentions and cities, areas, and languages frequently
associated with a search term.
Google Trends only works for popular queries. While the charts do not show
volume numbers, they do allow you to compare keywords, and the trend lines
between multiple terms on the graph at the same time appear to be scaled relative
to their search volume. This tool is great for seasonal queries.
When Google Trends first launched it was rarely updated, but Google now offers a
list of 100 hot keywords daily, and updates the tool hourly.

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