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The three things it lacks, compared to using WordTracker, are lateral search,
thesaurus search, and search depth. The Digital Point tool can also estimate
localized keyword traffic at the national level from Yahoo! Search, although those
numbers are biased by rank checkers and bid management software.
Free tool that visually displays keyword relationships.
Microsoft offers a number of interesting and innovative keyword tools, including
keyword funnels.
Downloadable Keyword Software
I usually do not recommend many downloadable software tools, but Good
Keywords is free and offers some useful features. I do not use it often, but it saves
your keyword searches and can be well worth the free download for doing
preliminary keyword research.
Is it Worth Buying Keyword Research Information?
Most of the major keyword databases are used by various marketers. Since many
people look at the same data, it is likely that these terms are bid higher in pay-per-
click engines and are also more competitive in the regular search results. By
accessing smaller and lesser used databases, you may find data that other marketers
may not be using; however, most of the tools are a bit top-heavy and do not show
you many of the deeper terms.
Checking Keyword Competition
Many people will look at the number of pages listed for a phrase and think that that
is a fair estimate of competition level. It is not. That is just a measure of how
many pages have those words somewhere in the content or in links that are
pointing to their pages.
A better measure of competition is to search for keyword A keyword B, as that will
at least give you the number of pages that have that phrase on it. You also can
further target your competition estimation by searching Google for ?allintitle:
keyword? ?allinanchor: keyword?. Pages that have your keyword phrases in their
title may be optimized and pages that have them in their inbound links stand a
good chance of being fairly well optimized.

The best way to look at
the competitive nature of a
keyword is to look at the
link profiles of the top
listed sites.

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